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Dear Statewide Coaches and HS Football Fans,

Hope the summer is going well for you. 
If some of you do not know Murphy Fair is retiring and no longer doing his book so I am going to do my own statewide book this year with my spin on it. 

What is in the book is coverage of all 338 11-man football programs in the state. 

The 425-page book contains the following: 
*All 100 head coaching changes in a statewide list. 
*Statewide coaching records for every head coach in the state. 

*Expanded capsules with detailed school information as well as wall to wall football coverage for all 338 schools statewide. 

*A Superlatives page for all nine classifications, which shows the new head coaching changes, the longest winning and losing streaks in the state and the longest tenured head coaches in each classification. 

I have partnered with Steve Underwood from Leading Edge Fundraising to use their Team Works Platform to bring it to every football program in the state of Tennessee. 

If your football program, booster club or school, could purchase some books, I would really appreciate the support and thank you for participating in the book so I could promote your football programs. 


Here's the link to purchase the book:


Thank-you for purchasing a copy of the preview

Donovan Stewart