TnFCA Meeting Minutes 6/1/18

Thanks to those that were able to attend last Saturday.  Much appreciated.  Some general updates/thoughts to keep in mind or consider

  1. Greg Wyant will be contacting Josh Corey to try to confirm a date for the Recruiting Fair. We are all hoping that April 16th is the date.  Colleges seem to like that date best.
  2. Greg Wyant is working on the EIN for the LLC for us
  3. Graham Clark confirmed the date of Nov. 30th for the next meeting at 9am.  Please consider staying at the Clarion as well, they are giving us an excellent rate that weekend.
  4. HOF voting seems to be going very well and we will hear more about that from Donovan Stewart and the veterans committee soon.  A public announcement of new inductees will not be made until early fall.
  5. Trey Perry will be contacting BSN and getting an online store set up for members during Dead Period and Xmas time.  This is an extra incentive to help drive membership for assistant coaches.  Hopefully we will get this relaunched soon.
  6. Thomas McDaniel will do a better job of charting attendance at each meeting
  7. We will be seeking nominations from Each region of the board for a “Contributor of the Year”, then as a board we will vote for that person being acknowledged at the HOF ceremony.  We will be able to recognize other important contributors to our game that have made a positive impact.
  8. Charles Fant- recommended honoring a “Volunteer of the Year” within the association, to someone that has gone above and beyond to help this organization stay strong and continue to grow.
  9. We must continue to contact schools in our region and push for more assistant coaches membership.  A hands on approach to this is the best option!  Pick up the phone and just call a few buddies when you can.

Thanks again for everything.  More to come.  Thanks for all your support.  Enjoy the little time off you can get!

Greg Wyant