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On behalf of all our active and retired coaches, administrators and board members, we thank you for taking interest in the Tennessee Football Coaches Association.   As an association, we strive to maintain the highest possible standards for the game of football and the profession of coaching.  In addition, to promoting the game of football in the great state of Tennessee, the TnFCA works closely with coaches on studies pertaining to the game and provides a forum for professional discussion.  As our great game is continually scrutinized in this country, we understand the need for progress in player safety and positive promotion.   Furthermore, as our association continues to develop, our contributing voice with interscholastic legislation steadily improves

Over the past several years, the TnFCA board of directors, along with the help of many member coaches, successfully generated membership numbers that far surpassed our goals.  At this time, the association proudly stands near eight hundred people across the entire region.  Large credit goes to the implementation of our partnership with the Tennessee Titans and our hugely successful TnFCA High School Recruiting fair which is held annually each April.   In addition, in recent years, the association began a TnFCA Hall of Fame recognizing men from our state that have positively impacted our game and countless individuals.  Held in December, the Hall of Fame ceremony and breakfast has quickly become a tremendous event like nothing else offered in our state.

As a team, the board of directors and high school football coaches state wide, the TnFCA will collectively work for positive development.  The greatest game on earth, football, has impacted an imaginable number of lives, and we will hope to make a small contribution in protecting that legacy.



President- TnFCA

Matthew Bates
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