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Why is membership important?

The TnFCA, orginally founded in 1998, has offered the following to its membership:

  • clinics offered in conjunction with the TSSAA state championship series for a number of years

    • after additional games were added by the TSSAA, we felt there was no longer ample time to offer a successfully productive clinic

    • these clinic were free to TnFCA members

  • offered free admission to TSSAA state championship hospitality tent by making a donation to the hospitality fund

  • Scholarships for 2 players from the TACA East-West All Star Game

  • Have had a representative present at most TSSAA sessions to ensure the voice of Tennessee football coaches is heard

  • In 2005, the TnFCA lobbied effectively to NOT transition to our current classification

    • Our association, which had almost 500 members at the time of the vote, is the reason this measure was defeated in 2005

WHY did we fight it?

  • Because the coaches in Tennessee did not feel the classification transition was in the best interest of Tennessee football.

Have we accomplished everything we have wanted? Absolutely not!!

  • Just another reason why YOUR membership is important. We must grow to have input!

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